Limestone & Marble Floor Restoration Polishing Cleaning and sealing services and training courses Berkshire Surrey


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Limestone & Marble Floor Restoration Polishing Cleaning and sealing services and training courses Berkshire Surrey


Supplying Natural Stone Flooring

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Limestone & Marble Floor Restoration Polishing Cleaning and sealing services and training courses Berkshire Surrey



Installing Natural Stone Flooring

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Limestone & Marble Floor Restoration Polishing Cleaning and sealing services and training courses Berkshire Surrey



Restoring Natural Stone Flooring

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Suppliers, installers and restorers of interior and exterior Marble, Limestone, Slate, Sandstone, Travertine and Terracotta flooring. 
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Britton's, Suppliers, Installers & restorers of Marble, Limestone, Sandstone & Slate floors in Berkshire Surrey

No matter the quality of the stone, marble or granite, every stone floor hinges

on the quality of the installation. Here an experienced stone installer or tiler is
essential. At Britton’s we pride ourselves on the quality and experience of our
installers so we can supply every customer with a perfectly finished stone

Our decades of experience, means that we have had the privilege of installing
many of stone floors in many prestigious locations. From 5star hotels to
beautiful heritage locations. Apart from this we have worked in many private
homes and can supply references where required. Our experience means that our job history is diverse. We can supply and install tiles, slabs or even intricate stone designs or mosaics. We have experience dealing with semi-precious stones and can carry out some masonry work on
site. We can tile or install patios, swimming pool areas, bathrooms, hallways,
kitchens, really every type of stone flooring. Installing a floor is not just about how flat it is, it is also about how it is laid out; it's about choosing the right tiles and disregarding those below par. This is the sort of attention to detail we can give you. There is no point in having a perfect tiler, only to find they have not been laid out correctly, so the tiles have not been laid with the aesthetic in mind. Stone supply and installation is a finishing trade and the way it looks is vital, as everyone knows that the flooring makes such a huge difference to the beauty of any property.  

Tiling and installation is about understanding stone, how to cut it and how best

to lay it. As well as to understand the best way to seal and preserve it. There is
little point in installing a perfect floor, then leaving it unsealed. Every stone
floor needs to be treated so that it won’t stain, so that it is water and UV
resistant so you do not experience black spot, staining or deterioration. There
are many sealers out there and most are not made to last, or not good for
newly laid stone. We urge everyone to seek the right advise. We are happy to
come out to seal and protect the stone, even if we haven’t been involved in
the supply and installation. We can not stress how important this is. Some
stone needs to be sealed even before handling. Even after stone is laid, it is
important to choose the right grout and to lay it in the right way with the right
materials in order to avoid cracking or movement well after the installers have
left. We urge every customer who values their stone to ensure the experience
and quality of their chosen stone installers.

 Britton's, Suppliers, Installers & restorers of Marble, Limestone, Sandstone & Slate floors in Berkshire Surrey



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post installation 

Stone cleaning and maintenance is an essential part of any installation. We recommend cleaning
floors with cleaning materials suitable for stone, as damage is often caused by cleaning with
improper products. Maintenance is also key. It is essential that stone is sealed with a breathable
sealer every few years, in order for the stone to retain it’s lustre and perfection. We also offer polishing services ongoing to keep your floors looking great all the time.

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Stone Repair

Unfortunately, stone can be damaged. Accidents happen as we all know. Fortunately, a qualified
restorer and stone mason can make these accidental damages disappear. Call us to see if we can
help fix any mishap.

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Stone Strip and Seal

Every couple of years stone needs to be stripped of its sealer and resealed. Stone is similar to wood,
in that it requires some maintenance. Not as much as wood, but still there is little point in having a
perfectly supplied and installed patio and neglecting to look after it. A strip and re-seal service is
offered for all exterior and interior stone.

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stone floor strip and seal in Berkshire Surrey 



We offer a supply, installation and restoration service for all types of stone flooring, whether that be marble, stone, granite, slate or limestone. We like to be involved in every aspect of the process so we
can ensure the highest quality stone, the perfect installation and the best finish with our cleaning and restoration service, so every job is perfect in every way. We have been supplying, installing and restoring stone floors for many years, and have a wealth of experience. We deal with the best stone suppliers from around the world to ensure each stone, whether that be marble, limestone, slate or sandstone is chosen for its quality and esthetic beauty. We have supplied many prestigious projects for house builders, 5 star hotels and heritage buildings, as well as private houses. Not only are we experts in supply, but our experience is stone masonry and restoration means that we are able to both install stone to a high quality and maintain it over time. Our stone restoration and cleaning service have been privileged enough to restore some heritage projects which we are very proud of, but we are equally proud of every private home and hotel that we have had the pleasure to restore back to its original beauty. We have experience in interior and 3-dimensional design and also offer a stone design and technical advise service. We have designed many intricate floorings for some very prestigious customers. We have designed flooring for customers who have had specific sporting logos designed for them in nothing but the most expensive marbles. We are happy to assist and advise every customer, whether that be to choose the perfect stone for their patio, their homes or for their businesses. If you are unsure of what direction you wish to go in, give us a call and we will do our best to advise and assist you in achieving your dream home or project, We cover Berkshire and Surrey.










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